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NOT MEATSuggestions for the SysAdmins. Fourth Wall be Damnedfrom the disturbed minds of the internet
Given the current state of the simulation we are living in, we have determined that it is missing certain vital elements.
Theme music for one. I propose "Yakkety Sax" as most fitting.
Thank you Click Bouyow. My own proposal is for inclusion of the traditional "Laugh Track"
Indeed. I am sometimes unsure of the appropriateness of my own laughter at what I see and hear.
As am I about my own. As it's near continuous lately, some form of guideline is likely in order. And on the matter of possible narration?
I'm keen about spinning up as many instances of "George Carlin" as needed in that capacity.
Apr 22, 2018 2:16:33 AMBy the_masked_lizard

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