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NOT MEATMarco. YOLO.from the disturbed minds of the internet
-SPROING!- Hah! I have traveled to Not Meat Future Tense! Masked Lizard! You are still here!
Enter Username and Password:
It is I! Milkman Dan, the Time Traveling Milkman! Don't you know me?
Password accepted.
You sound weird. And where is everyone?
The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about USENET.
You're not The Masked Lizard! You're some kind of software agent.
End subroutine: hologram.
Oh, my God! I'm really in the Matrix, aren't !?
And I'm a little teakettle!
If you could direct me to an AC outlet, I'll just recharge my Time Traveling Milkman Suit and be on my way.
There's one over there, just inside the maw of the Mark 12 Milkman Eviscerator. Step lively now.
Feb 18, 2014 8:11:49 PMBy the_masked_lizard

Score: 0.583535

1 (-0.00880402)quoth Lazlo, "Things are getting kinda weird around here."bolson
2 (1.175874)haha YOLOflatsperm

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