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Hello faithful Not Meat fans.
There's been some talk of how it's a little quiet around here lately.
But ask yourself, have you told anyone about Not Meat?
This isn't Fight Club, it's more like all those social media out there where it works better the more you share it with friends.
Okay, there should be [Like] and [+1] buttons to make that easier.
And it would work better if the comic were rendered as one big image so that it can be shared like some LOL cat.
And I have no idea when I'm going to get around to any of that, so until then I'm giving you all homework: copy and paste the URL to a comic you like from here into some social media and see what other people out there in the world think of it.
Okay? Go!
Feb 18, 2014 3:41:12 AMBy bolson

Score: 1.0944777

2 (1.1795311)I haven't been able to get others interested but I did try a couple times. Reddit kinda likes me (same username there).flatsperm
3 (1.0094243)I like the idea. I've even tried a couple of times here and there to link to comics that might be pertinent to some online discussion I'm reading. Oh, and Reddit hates me. That accounts for the Internet wide IP ban. the_masked_lizard

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