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NOT MEAT<3from the disturbed minds of the internet
So. the_masked_lizard. You've been IP banned from every other website on the internet, haven't you?
Yes. I am stuck here.
What happens if I take the lizard away from this mask?
Then the lizard would be able to see better. Probably it would run away. And we'd see that the mask was made in China.
That is entirely fascinating, as always.
I trust that your sudden death is a coincidence.
Ravgames. It sounds like you are an infrequent contributor who is conservative.
Yes. This has caused strife. Can't we just get back to making the dumbest jokes in all of human history?
Worst of luck to you all equally.
Thank you.
Orion QP. What the hell are you doing here?
I make funny things!
Why? You must be new. That is not the custom.
I just want to make people laugh!
Why? Have you met people? They are insufferable. Have you tried making them hurt? Have you tried making them bleed?
Yes, well... the_masked_lizard makes people bleed, just by telling them jokes...
Ok but that is a rare and unique quality in him.
I will joke less and stab more.
Bolson. You probably got rejected from the original rmcs, didn't you? And then you took the source to make your own?
What the... is this still here?
I don't know. It's your website.
Holy fucking shit. How much did I drink on that one day in 2004? This explains the extra 0.0000002% in my internet bills.
flatsperm. We had to interview everybody. Even you.
Hi mom. I always wanted you to know, I find you extremely sexy.
Hey, new fellow! Welcome aboard!
Sorry, you are hallucinating. I don't exist.
Let me just show you the ropes! It is a lovely place!
Yeah, um... you're going to wake up and realize nobody is conversing with you. There are no new members this decade.
I have invented the time machine! Look at me! Whoosh! I am traveling in time!
A hearty hello from the same people as before you time traveled.
Feb 16, 2014 8:03:05 AMBy flatsperm

Score: 1.1067111

3 (1.2029339)ahh, good times, good times.bolson
3 (1.0104885)Fortunately, I no longer use a static IP address. IPV6 is all mine. the_masked_lizard

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