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NOT MEATCarbon control rods for your pile.from the disturbed minds of the internet
Happy New Year, Papa Moai!
While time has no meaning to one such as I, Happy New Year, Wally.
clicketyclick-cliclick-click-clicketyclick...Say! My Geiger Counter is really sounding off near you. Are you dangerous to be around?
It's really low level, there is no danger unless I'm living in you house for years.
That's good - Oh! I brought the box of kitty litter you asked for.
You might avoid the kitty litter after I'm finished with it, and not entirely because of lingering radioactivity.
Jan 2, 2014 5:31:38 PMBy the_masked_lizard

Score: 1.1971226

3 (1.1971226)weird. i like it. +1 tagbolson

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