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NOT MEATfrom the disturbed minds of the internet
[bolson]"Mostly people want funny and not politics."
Really. Then why are there images of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, and Barack Obama?
Eliminate the threshold.
Jan 22, 2010 12:21:18 AMBy ravgames

Score: -2.438775

-5 (-3.1461582)-5: you can set your own threshold, idiot. It's not like it's a fixed number that only bolson can change.Orion QP
-5 (-3.6032305)Funny = funny. BS = political point of view. I really don't care what your politics, if it isn't funny it gets voted down.clickbouyow
0 (-0.56693655)No, threshold is quality, removing spam and crap. Politicians are funny, they say the darndest things.bolson

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