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NOT MEATDo Lunatics dream of electric tape?from the disturbed minds of the internet
Hey man, what you doing?
Writing a limerick...want to hear it?
Not a big fan or limericks, but ok.
There once was a comic named Ravgames
Who, when it came to politics was all inflamed
Orion shot him down
and substituted the dead clown
and now the Masked Lizard is insane.
That is bloody awful.
I could change that last line to "And now the Masked Lizard is fair game."
Well, that works.
Yeah, then we could all shoot him.
ba bump bump! Auuuughhhhh!
May 22, 2009 12:07:49 PMBy clickbouyow

Score: -2.6595695

-5 (-3.688761)this will also help my averagebolson
-5 (-3.1843169)i'll help you 'delete' itravgames
0 (-1.1056306)Hey, I need all the attention I can get.the_masked_lizard

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