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NOT MEATbecause we can can canfrom the disturbed minds of the internet
Did you really die for my sins?
Didn't that hurt?
I scraped my knee once.
Mar 14, 2005 10:02:59 AMBy bolson

Score: 0.41508248

0 (-0.98896027)ohyrrp
1 (0.506836)
2 (0.83633983)Cute.ravgames
2 (0.671898)Skumpy
3 (-0.5)ApostateAbe
3 (1.5196687)I like this.Death Goat
3 (-0.70710677)the_masked_lizard
5 (0.61737907)You Aren't Funny.
5 (1.7796879)This is beautiful.Orion QP

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