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-3.4479988spandex balletravgames2009-05-12 19:28:33.099279
-3.2323797nullabik2008-11-12 13:39:10.90439
-2.8474183red meat! red meat! rah rah rah!Orion QP2009-01-03 20:15:44.286059
-2.6595695Do Lunatics dream of electric tape?clickbouyow2009-05-22 12:07:49.232458
-2.4643319landscaper's lament: dandelion whineravgames2009-09-24 16:20:06.141967
-2.438775nullravgames2010-01-22 00:21:18.388543
-2.4386837feel the excrementravgames2009-05-11 18:00:45.023695
-2.4341893vote quick, it won't be here long :-)ravgames2008-03-24 23:37:48.549763
-2.363751spending time at the watch storeravgames2008-03-18 11:25:13.967024
-2.3017929to what are you referring, willis?ravgames2009-03-24 21:05:33.508411

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