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-0.18553379In the beginning...nobody2005-03-14 09:38:55.259234
0.41508248because we can can canbolson2005-03-14 10:02:59.040865
-0.25164127nothing to flee herebolson2005-03-14 10:03:14.700097
0.5813588inherit the bad windravgames2005-03-14 13:56:55.245693
0.35260054Bolson, Bolsoff. Very good, Daniel-san.nobody2005-03-14 15:23:36.080013
0.19339387Ooze and Ozbolson2005-03-16 00:58:35.073485
-1.0621314Duck. Duck. Thud. --- I told you to duck.bolson2005-03-16 01:00:12.532516
-0.4402391garbage in, garbage outbolson2005-03-16 01:01:44.543488
-0.30042836in livid colorbolson2005-03-16 01:02:56.774972
0.29731426to steal, perchance to ownbolson2005-03-16 01:04:59.222706

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