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-2.2594855look away, look away, look away, disneylandravgames2009-05-11 15:22:31.587803
-2.2342725all of my hexes are for texasOrion QP2008-02-21 15:24:54.56991
-2.1631234widow often annie (thx, get smart!)ravgames2009-11-29 02:53:56.491178
-2.134971jeb bush 2012ravgames2009-09-02 19:46:23.440937
-1.8723854L Ron Hubbard DOES NOT RELATEohyrrp2005-10-12 15:51:08.92062
-1.8662992for KYBORGabik2008-11-11 09:14:29.310805
-1.8554115(helen) ready, (corey) aim, (justice stephen) fire!Orion QP2007-04-17 12:39:12.369561
-1.7549644my take on jeezy chreezy, just for the hell of itravgames2005-08-04 14:58:25.73273
-1.7533346how many peckerheads would a woodpecker heave?obgnostic2005-09-17 14:25:55.186421
-1.7223356Life, Liberty and Lemonade..the_masked_lizard2005-07-25 11:03:21.255697

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