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2.021663ye banks and braes o' lorna dooneOrion QP2007-04-06 14:37:06.544951
2.0004065turning water into orange gloOrion QP2009-06-30 15:44:42.583346
1.9645078overclock around the block tonightflatsperm2012-06-29 18:07:44.395249
1.9476547i'm with stupid ------>Orion QP2007-04-03 17:22:29.862598
1.9118123al, the hysterical cleric (my take)Orion QP2011-03-08 16:17:00.412301
1.8940603i put a spell on you. because i needed the exp.flatsperm2010-07-21 17:59:28.651151
1.8657051fast food's plea: don't go into the lite!Orion QP2008-12-05 17:58:32.13122
1.8531842just havin' a little funOrion QP2010-02-10 17:39:57.033986
1.8437144the internet is a series of boobsOrion QP2010-10-28 15:20:34.830818
1.8335398Enfamil for the Infamousthe_masked_lizard2009-12-31 12:32:17.576316

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