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2.427297Ben and Jerry's new flavor: Todd Akin's Legitimate GrapeOrion QP2012-08-23 01:32:25.075947
2.4077528How Mental Is My Illness?the_masked_lizard2014-04-03 16:11:35.522618
2.402385All that glitters is not Godzillathe_masked_lizard2014-12-23 17:10:04.098772
2.3958747How to make friends and influence people by Ima Whackjobthe_masked_lizard2015-01-08 17:13:23.318807
2.3844736Vote for Kodos, you know you want to.the_masked_lizard2016-02-01 15:03:20.295401
2.2638712diplodocus in your crocus - part IIOrion QP2007-03-29 08:25:51.586067
2.1422267how do you violate a rectum of such circumference?flatsperm2010-07-20 19:24:02.942072
2.12553three-way with sarah palin in 2012Orion QP2009-12-10 12:16:32.144966
2.032313Tom Swift and the Solar Death Panelsthe_masked_lizard2009-11-21 23:48:38.090856
2.023949russian crackers: putin on the ritzOrion QP2012-02-17 00:07:59.402842

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