Voting Record For Meek (FL) (D)

An 'X' in the P column indicates a vote where a Representatives vote differs from the vote of the majority of their Party.

Vote NumberVotePDateIssueQuestionResultDescription
8Nay5-FebH RES 348On Ordering the Previous QuestionPProviding for the consideration of H.R. 2846
9Nay5-FebH R 2846On PassagePProhibition on Federal Education Funds on National Testing
10Yea5-FebH R 2631Passage, Objections of the President NotwithstandingPDisapproving the cancellations on Military Construction
11Present5-FebQUORUMCall of the HouseP 

1 Yea, 2 Nay, 1 Present, 0 No Vote (0.00 %)
0 votes (0.00 %) not with majority of D-party.