Voting Record For Gingrich (R)

An 'X' in the P column indicates a vote where a Representatives vote differs from the vote of the majority of their Party.

Vote NumberVotePDateIssueQuestionResultDescription
1Present3-JanQUORUMCall of the HouseP 
3Yea3-JanH R 1530Passage, the Objections of the President NotwithstandingFNational Defense Authorization Act for FY 1996
23Yea31-JanH R 2546On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPDistrict of Columbia Appropriations for F.Y. 1996
25Yea1-FebS 652On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPTelecommunications Reform Act
29Yea1-FebH CON RES 141On Agreeing to the ResolutionPProviding for the adjournment of the two Houses
39Yea29-FebH R 2854On Agreeing to the AmendmentAFoley of Florida amendment
47Yea6-MarH R 927On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPCuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act
52Yea7-MarH R 3019On Agreeing to the AmendmentAIstook of Oklahoma amendment
55Yea7-MarH R 3019On PassagePOmnibus Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1996
66Yea14-MarH R 2703On PassagePTo Combat Terrorism
75Yea20-MarH R 2202On Agreeing to the AmendmentAGallegly of California amendment
78Yea20-MarH R 2202On Agreeing to the AmendmentACanady of Florida amendment
89Yea21-MarH R 2202On PassagePImmigration Act of 1995
104Nay28-MarH R 3103On Agreeing to the AmendmentFDingell of Michigan Substitute Amendment
106Yea28-MarH R 3103On PassagePHealth Coverage Availability and Affordability Act
117Yea15-AprH J RES 159On PassageFProposing an amendment to the Constitution of the U.S. to require two-thirds majorities for bills increasing taxes
123Yea18-AprH RES 406On Agreeing to the ResolutionPTribute to Ronald H. Brown
126Yea18-AprS 735On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPAnti-Terrorism Act
135Yea25-AprH R 3019On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPOmnibus Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1996
152Yea8-MayH RES 417On Agreeing to the ResolutionPProviding amounts for the expenses of the Select Subcomittee on the U. S. role in Iranian Arms Transfers to Croatia and Bosnia of the Committee on International Relations
153Yea8-MayH RES 426On Ordering the Previous QuestionPProviding for the consideration of H.R. 2406, U.S. Housing Act of 1996
162Yea9-MayH R 956Passage, Objections of the President NotwithstandingFProduct Liability Reform
189Yea22-MayH RES 440On Agreeing to the ResolutionPProviding for consideration of H.R. 3448; Small Business Job Protection Act and H.R. 1227; Employee Commuting Flexibility Act
236Yea12-JunH CON RES 178On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPCongressional Budget For U.S. Government
246Nay13-JunH R 3610On Agreeing to the AmendmentFDeFazio of Oregon amendment, as amended
258Nay19-JunH R 3662On Agreeing to the AmendmentAKennedy of Massachusetts Amendment
266Nay20-JunH R 3662On Agreeing to the AmendmentFKennedy of Massachusetts Amendment
281Nay26-JunH R 3666On Motion to Recommit with InstructionsFVA-HUD Appropriations, FY 1997
292Yea28-JunH R 3675On PassagePTransportation Appropriations for F.Y. 1997
295Yea10-JulH R 3754On Agreeing to the AmendmentACampbell of California Amendment, As Modified
308Nay11-JulH R 3755On Agreeing to the AmendmentFHoyer of Maryland Substitute Amendment
310YeaX12-JulH R 3755On Agreeing to the AmendmentAObey of Wisconsin Substitute Amendment
313Yea12-JulH R 3755On PassagePDepartments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations for FY 1997
329Nay18-JulH R 3734On Agreeing to the AmendmentFTanner of Tennessee Amendment
331Yea18-JulH R 3734On PassagePWelfare and Medicaid Reform Act of 1996
363Nay25-JulH R 3820On Agreeing to the AmendmentFFazio of California Substitute
364Nay25-JulH R 3820On Motion to Recommit with InstructionsFCampaign Finance Reform Act
365Yea25-JulH R 3820On PassageFCampaign Finance Reform Act
370Yea30-JulH R 2391On PassagePWorking Families Flexibility Act of 1996
383Yea31-JulH R 3734On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPWelfare and Medicaid Reform Act of 1996
389Nay1-AugH R 123On Agreeing to the AmendmentFSerrano of New York amendment
422Yea19-SepH R 1833Passage, Objections of the President NotwithstandingPPartial-Birth Abortion Ban
432Yea25-SepH R 2202On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPImmigration Act of 1995
433Yea25-SepH R 4134On PassagePTo amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to authorize States to deny public education benefits to aliens not lawfully present in the U.S. who are not enrolled in public schools during the period beginning September 1, 1996, and ending July 1, 1997
455Yea28-SepH R 3610On Agreeing to the Conference ReportPDepartment of Defense Appropriations for F.Y. 1997

34 Yea, 10 Nay, 1 Present, 0 No Vote (0.00 %)
1 votes (0.22 %) not with majority of R-party.