How to email me

I don't like spam, nobody does, and I'm doing what I can to hide my email address from webcrawling spambots. Therefore, my address is posted here as an image. It's not long, and should be easy for any human to type in.

Do not put these email addresses in text on any web page! If you want you can link to <a href="">Email Brian</a> .

Do not use long "To:" lists. If one person in that list gets their mailbox harvested by a virus we will all get spammed. Use "Bcc:" (blind carbon copy) instead.



Acceptable Formats

These are the document formats I accept. I might not have a reader for other formats. There are a few formats I'll be positively annoyed at receiving.

.ps	post script
.eps	encapsulated post script
.pdf	portable document format, aka acrobat
.rtf	rich text format
.html	hyper text markup language
.txt	plain text
.txt	unicode text
.jpeg	jpeg pictures, aka .jpg for those still crippled by DOS
.png	portable net graphics
.mpeg	aka .mpg
.mov	QuickTime movies
.ogg	Ogg Vorbis sound
.aiff	audio interchange file format
.sit	Stuffit archive
.dmg	MacOS X disk image
.pkg	MacOS X package

Forbidden Formats

Just the more unfortunately popular ones that I don't want. If you send me something in these formats either it will be ignored or I will be annoyed and have to write requesting the content in a different format.

.doc	microsoft word
.xls	microsoft excel
.ppt	microsoft powerpoint

Please do not use long "To:" lists in email. This is one way email addresses get picked up by spammers. use "Bcc:" (blind carbon copy) instead.