Voting Utilities

Java, C, C++ and perl source code implementing election methods including Borda, Condorcet, Raw Rated, Approval and Instant Runoff voting.

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Virtual Round Robin (Condorcet)JavaCC++perl
Instant Runoff Normalized Ratings (IRNR)JavaCC++perl
Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)JavaCC++perl
Raw Rating SummationJavaCC++
Single Transferrable Vote (STV)JavaC
Histogram (for data display)JavaCC++perl

The Java library is currently most tested because I have been using it to develop the Servlet based Election Calculator and

Each implementation includes a command line utility for processing url query formatted vote data.

All sources copyright Brian Olson. Free for non-commercial use. Licence for other use negotiable.

See also this comprehensive python single transferrable vote (STV) implementation.

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